Job Description:


  • Perform basic computer operator commands and report any issues to the Shift Lead/Supervisor.
  • Minor to moderate problem determination. Provide assistance to all operations personnel to ensure that the highest level of customer satisfaction is maintained.
  • Perform minor to moderate operator commands on systems.
  • Understand all mount/system messages.
  • Monitor scratch pools and outstanding tape mount messages.
  • Query system for outstanding amounts and/or print jobs and other latent information and provide interpretation and resolution as appropriate.
  • Recognize minor to moderate hardware malfunctions and be able to resolve most problems under the direction/supervision of lead personnel. Understand and utilize communication and work tools (phone, e-mail, turnover tools, fax, client training tools, other client-specific work tools, etc.)
  • Initiate a detailed search for misfiled media when required.
  • Use appropriate work tools available to provide resolution.
  • Provide constructive input for shift turnover to lead personnel and replacement teammates.
  • Remain current with all procedures and provide input as appropriate.
  • Understand and utilize tape library and/or print tools to assist with basic computer operator functions.
  • Perform Floor sweeps searching for media as needed which may include searching under/on top of equipment, under raised floor tiles, etc. Some accounts will have added requirements like Physicality Management which may include, but are not limited to Floor Sweeps, Alarm Maintenance, above the ceiling and underfloor tile audits, Sprinkler audits.
  • Bring Alarm Maintenance or any water leaks to management’s attention immediately.
  • Always perform work in a safe manner. Escalate to the assigned client representative and Pomeroy Manager any documentation, process or procedure discrepancies and follow-up until resolved.
  • Must be able and willing to learn new tasks/skills as required.
  • Must be able to communicate and understand verbal, written, and electronic instructions

Required skills/Level of Experience:

Delivery of tape and print operations (1 year)