Job Description:

IBM’s brain-inspired computing group, with a U.S Government Customer, has a need for an experienced software microcode developer. This engineer will assist in the design, development, and test of a digital neuromorphic accelerator chip.  The selected candidate will work directly with other designers and system architects under the supervision of IBM’s team lead.

Task Description:

  • Develop optimized code for custom hardware to implement and test neural network layers
  • Develop debugging and testing tools to assist in architectural validation

Required skills/Level of Experience :

  • At least 3 years’ experience with C++11 or Python

Preferred Technical and Professional Experience:

  • Assembly / microcontroller / DSP programming
  • More than 4 years’ experience as a software developer
  • Parallel programming (CUDA, OpenMP)
  • Compilers (gcc, clang, LLVM)
  • Neural network compilers (ONNX, TVM, TensorRT)
  • Familiarity with neural network operations like convolution, pooling, recurrent networks
  • Continuous integration tools (Docker, Jenkins)

Source control (Git) and collaboration tools (Confluence, JIRA)