Job Description:

Client is looking for candidate must allow engage in advanced listening on the web, through social media (e.g., Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) and allow to track customer sentiment. This capability must allow to continue to enhance customer profiles and its capabilities for environmental monitoring and reputation management. The OCCS must provide the functionality to modernize and strengthen our ability to engage with customers, build relationships and gain additional insights through engagements.  The OCCS must provide an integrated approach, to include the system requirements described herein, through S aaS.  In order to remain current with industry best practices, the contractor must incorporate regular assessment and development of the OCCS into its solution, with the following goals in mind:

  1. a) implementing innovation-minded approaches;
  2. b) utilizing advancements to promote growth of e-commerce and other technologies; and
  3. c) keeping up with industry best practices, as technology and communication standards continue to evolve.

The SFMC Technical Architect will be Responsible for the technical configuration of the end-to-end solution, integrating the SFMC solution with the SF Service Cloud CRM solution.

Required skills/Level of Experience :

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud, 5+ years
  • E-mail / Social Media Marketing, 5+ years
  • Application Architecture, 5+ years