The contractor shall designate Project Manager who is the single contractor point of contact with/for the VHA requests for SME support and any matter related to the contractor performance. The Project Manager is defined as a person with a BA/BS degree and experience relevant to the task order requirement of successfully managing a large-scale program, encompassing multiple projects, with a total lifecycle budget and complexity comparable to the task order at hand. Such experience shall include planning, initiating, managing, executing and closing out programs in support of an agency’s mission. Additionally, contractor personnel shall possess a Project Management Professional (PMP) certification or similar in quality with a minimum of four years’ experience supporting a large corporation or government agency, preferably a large Health Care organization.

A Project Manager, or PM, is responsible for leading a team of professionals in completing projects by a set deadline to uphold business initiatives. Their duties include dividing up their budget for different project aspects and advocating for additional funding when necessary, hiring freelance professionals or selecting project team members from existing departments and setting or adjusting project schedules to adhere to deadlines.

Project Manager duties and responsibilities

Over the course of a project, the Project Manager will need to communicate with staff and clients, make decisions and monitor the progress of the project to keep it on schedule. Important responsibilities for a Project Manager include:

  • Creating long- and short-term plans, including setting targets for milestones and adhering to deadlines
  • Delegating tasks on the project to employees best positioned to complete them
  • Making effective decisions when presented with multiple options for how to progress with the project
  • Serving as a point of contact for teams when multiple units are assigned to the same project to ensure team actions remain in synergy
  • Communicating with executives or the board to keep the project aligned with their goals
  • Performing quality control on the project throughout development to maintain the standards expected
  • Adjusting schedules and targets on the project as needs or financing for the project change

Preferred qualifications:

  • Experience in collaborating with stakeholder management and executive level cross-functional leaders
  • Experience in Program management or large-scale projects
  • Experience with government facility security (e.g., badges, access control, alarm systems)
  • Knowledge of creating and managing an insider threat program
  • Ability to perform initial analysis with limited direction
  • Excellent problem solving, analysis, written and communication skills, including data modeling, reporting, and business acumen

BA/BS degree plus 4 years of relevant experience

Additionally, specific qualifications/work products include:

Developed a Strategic Plan

Developed appropriate Epics/User Stories

Developed a quarterly release roadmap

Developed an Integrated Master Schedule (IMS)