Job Description:

Statement of Work:

Agile software development project providing a healthcare claim reimbursement/processing system for the Department of Veterans Affairs. The project combines different workstreams including data integration/ETL. GIO

Task Description:

Full-stack Java developer with strong development experience in back-end data/systems, front-end technologies, and IBM’s Counter Fraud Management (CFM) or IBM’s Financial Crimes Insight (FCI) platforms. The developer will need to possess a strong combination of Agile, Java/J2EE, front-end technologies (e.g., JavaScript, Dojo, React) Linux, SQL, API REST, and supporting SOA enterprise frameworks. Strong familiarity with integration techniques such as messaging queues is also sought. This role will entail leading enhancement and maintenance of a Case Management system.

Required skills/Level of Experience:

– Java/J2EE and related frameworks (Spring, Hibernate, etc)

– Relational databases (IBM DB2 or MSFT SQL Server)

– Linux

– Kubernetes, Docker, and containerized applications

– Front end GUI technologies such as JavaScript, React, or Dojo

– Middleware integrations (e.g., IBM MQ)

– Web services/API (REST)


– Application servers (WebSphere Liberty)

– Agile development experience and related collaboration tools (Rally, JIRA, etc)

– Git – Source Code Control

– Bachelor’s Degree, 4 years of experience