Job Description:

Statement of Work:

IBM is currently ramping up the team to support new work under this contract.  TDLs expecting to be awarded includes SFIS, MILSTRIP, and JDA Maintenance Repair Overhaul (MRO) for Depot Maintenance Activity Group (DMAG).

MRO TDL: To comprehensively meet the operational needs of DMAG, the integration of the Purchasing, Inventory Management, and Funds Availability functions between Navy ERP and JDA MRO are critical to keeping the maintenance planners and technicians apprised of the most current supply and finance status. This enables them to act in real-time to the many changes that occur rapidly in a Depot Repair environment to allow the technicians to complete their work tasks within JDA MRO in the most efficient manner. In this TDL, the Navy is requesting that real-time data for supply functions being performed in Navy ERP be interfaced back to the USMC JDA MRO system until the future state of N-MRO (no earlier than FY 2025) is proven ready and capable to transition system responsibilities and interface with Navy ERP.

Task Description:

This position is expected to provide expert-level business process guidance on Navy ERP’s SAP requirements and design. This position requires in-depth knowledge of one or more functional areas as well as relevant SAP module(s), specifically in the area of funds management (FM).

Required skills/Level of Experience per the LCAT:

  • Ten (10) years of technical and strategic experience of increasing responsibility providing software engineering, planning, design, analysis, and developing complex software models and applications across multiple hardware and software platforms. Demonstrates ability to work independently based on the strategic plan or under general direction. Must be able to effectively employ contemporary project management tools and serve as a team consultant.
  • Masters or Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Information Systems, Engineering, Math, Business or other related scientific or technical discipline. An additional 4 years of SAP ABAP or equivalent COTS experience may be substituted for a Bachelor’s degree.

Additional Skills not included in the LCAT:

Navy ERP experience is preferred